When I know someone who graduated from one of the top business school, I will think he or her is smart, clever and talented. I won’t doubt his ability, and expect him to do more than other. However, after I worked with some smart colleagues, I find out it not like that .

Take my experience for example, couple years ago, I worked with my manager who graduated from a famous university in Canada, and he also is our boss’s son. He go back to Taiwan and help his mother to manage her company.  At first, we think he will bring new outlook for that company because he is young, aggressive, and high educated. Honestly, he did really well on some part of business, but he can not deal the problems of relationship with his subordinates. After he came to this company, a lot of staff quit their job, and he never think it is his responsibility.

Frankly, he rejects to learn how to work with Taiwanese. The business culture is really different between Canada and Taiwan. In fact, Taiwanese communicate with others by indirectly way, but American or Canadian usually communicate with people directly. Therefore, most of my colleagues mad at my manager, and they can not accept his direct communication. However, he just complained why he cannot just tell people and deal problems with people directly. Maybe he know there have difference between Eastern and Western culture, but he cannot change his behavior.