Communication skills are more and more important because now most of work are done with a group. You have to persuade your partner or client to convince you. I guess all of us have the experience about having some good idea but no one is convinced; however, someone bring up a normal idea but he let everyone to understand and convince his idea.  No matter what kind of communication, oral or writing, it will be influence your career.

I remember one time I talked what kind of people will be hired with the vice editor of Business Weekly in Taiwan, and she told me the education will not be the most important factor. She said first step is their resume, they should persuade her on that piece of paper.  Then second step will depend on their interview.  Interviewee should let she know he can deal problems with people and get along well with his colleagues in the organization.

In short, we live in the real world, not in the researching and paper.