In the workplace, do flirtatious women really  advance in their career? In my opinion, it should depend on what kind of job. If she is a sales, I think pretty  looks, good manner, and sweet sound should help her a lot in her business. Besides, in my experience,  if you have batter looks, it’s easier to get a job in an interview, but of course you also have required skill though. However, if a woman works in a professional workplace, I think the flirtatious behavior we be very unprofessional and  inappropriate.
Moreover, I think woman who has pretty looks and used sexual behavior a lot sometimes let people think she is weak, untalented, and untrustworthy. This thought not only use on women but also men.  Do they only have attractive physical presence but have no sense? Do they just be flirtatious because they don’t have knowledge and abilities?

Finally, I have to say sometimes it is not our fault to be flirtatious because we don’t know these behavior are flirtatious. For example, according what Benton said,  I really don’t know when I say “It’s a nice day,” men will often conclude “She wants me.”