All of  these two article are talking about attitude, and good attitude will provide good service and production, good service help a company to earn more money and become more efficient. Besides, good attitude will improve service and also earn a company more loyal customers that will support that company. An employee engagement also is a type of positive attitude, and it will be influenced by company’s culture and situation.

However, how to let your employee have good attitude and keep that everyday? Employees should not be forced to have a good attitude, but should develop a good attitude from their working environment. It should have a lot of way to let employee keep good attitude and bring good service to customers. First, the manager or boss should do that first. I believe that if superior provide good attitude and let employees think they really care about attitude, the employees will be influenced by them. For example, Southwest’s CEO always care about his employees and bring the joy to them, and it caused his employees love to work in this company and want to provide good service to their customers. In addition, keeping companies that growth stable and provide vision for the future will help employees have engagement in workplace. For example, when I worked in IKEA in Taiwan, I could find out most of employees thought no vision for their future in this company, and they also known the growth rate goes down and there benefit become less and less. It was very obviously that employees provide bad service and even cheating in the company.

The employer should know how to let his employee have good attitude, and keep that everyday. I think it’s not that hard because you just have to let your employees trust you and have to know what your employees want.

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