Two Football Coaches Have a Lot to Teach

I really enjoy on this reading because one of my previous boss  always  screamed at his employee. He is very impatient and explosive, so most of his employee cannot stay in that company for a long time. I think it always has negative influence to use angry word or scream at employee.  Some managers think screaming at employees will motivate them to improve their performance; however, it usually doesn’t work. Take my ex-boss for example, the average of time that employees stay in this company is less than one year, and it let this company has to spend more cost on training new employees.  Besides, his employees usually have a lot of pressure when they work, so it also caused bad performance. Therefore, I don’t think screaming at employees will help a leader work well.

Get Healthy or Else

It can understand why most of company want their employees to take care themself because they have to save on unbelievable medical costs. Normally company will use some reward way to encourage their employees to be healthy like receive discount on gym, smoking-cessation program, or vacation. I think these ways are really useful not only because save medical cost, but also help company to get others benefit. First at all, if employees can be  healthier, it will help the company to be more productivity. Employees will not take off frequently because of sick, or they will have more energy and can pay more attention on their work. Moreover, giving some program or help to employees to be health will provide a good corporate image to the public.  If a company sell the healthy product on his business, but most of their employee  are overweight, obese, and smoked, it definitely will influence the company’s image. Therefore, I think it should have advantage to let employees take care of their health.

Jesica’s story

It is really ridiculous and unbelievable story, and let me feel heart crushing. From this article, I can believe it still have a lot of medical error that was unknown in the real world, and we really should pay more attention on the problem of medical error.

In Taiwan, it also have a very famous medical error event that happened couple years ago. One nurse want to give a shot for eight infant, and she didn’t double check the medicine of the shots, so she gave the wrong shots to eight infants. It caused most of the infants died and have sequela, and one of the infant’s parent will be really hard to get pregnant again.  This event was the headline more than one week, and it let people pay more attention on Taiwanese medical error’s problem.

In Jesica’s story, I think it also let a lot of people care about medical error in the United States, and I also think it should have more effective way to avoid these error. The key could be the mental problem of those doctor and nurse because maybe they are tired and bored about their everyday work.