Get rid of the performance review

I agree with the idea of getting rid of the performance review because I never think it’s objective. When I worked in IKEA before, our manager will provides performance review to our boss, and usually I think that is useless. I had two different manager in my work period, and they provide totally different performance review to our boss. It can tell because I was closer with one of them, and she known what I was doing. My another manager didn’t care about his employee and  just wanted to know the result, so if result not good, he will think your performence bad. Therefore, I don’t think performence review can show employee’s performence well because it not objective although thay claim that is fair and objective.

However, I don’t think performence review will improve anything for a company. Because of performence review, some employees will do some work on what their manager prefer to, but actually it’s not the most important thing have to do or the thing really help the company. They just want to get high value on their performance review.