In this case, SMC is no growing and it try to change their CEO from  others company. The new CEO, Carl Burke, found this company has big market and excellent sales and manufacturing organization. However, he think they have to improve product developement and the area of Administration.  When he try to change and help this company, he also find there have “people” problem in their organization.  People are not united in their team. It is really common in some old company because people are too familiar with their work and they think they are right, and they usually will reject changing. Besides, because of their system, they will want to work only ob their functional area and separate clearly their responsibility. Therefore, I think it was the reason why Carl decide to bring in an outside consultant. I don’t really agree with this decision because I think Carl is a new CEO or new member in this company, and both of Carl and this outside consultant were not really understand this organization; they stood at the same starting point.

In my opinion, this is a no growing company because they were in the mature period, and I think that bringing a new outside CEO to this organization is a good idea.  The new superior could bring a new atmosphere into this company because he can use his viewpoint to see what problems do they have. However, in this situation, I don’t think it wise for a company to use an outside consultant because it will not help a lot. In this case, the consultant, Laura Wells, did the evaluation for each individual and team, but I wonder that did she really know how these people’s value in this company in six weeks? I even think maybe Carl will know these people more if he work with them and observe their personality for a period. Besides, at the end consultant just confirm about CEO’s idea, and she didn’t even suggest or teach him what should he do will be great.

Consultant was not really helpful for this company, and I think the CEO of SMC should believe himself to lead this company. He has great experience, so people in SMC probably expect him to bring some new atmosphere. In my opinion, if I were the CEO of SMC, I would believe my abaility and decision. and try to figure out how to improve this company’s system with my team. I need my team believe me, and I also have to understand them.