What I learned in this case is don’t think money could really motivate people or require people to do what you request. Using money to motivate people is pretty easy and fast, but it will not sustain for a long time. Here are some problems for using money to motivate people. First, some employees do not see money for most important thing in their career, then how could you motivate them. Second, it will cause employees work with short-sight. For example, the commission system causes that sales just want to serve and spend time on the customers who will spend money right away. They do not care other customers who will buy their products in the future because those customers may not buy from them.  Third, it will cause employees to see money like a criterion, and they will get used to that. So, the reward become deservedly; if there has no money, then no way! Originally, you want to solve problems by using individual incentive; however, finally you get harmful effects from it.

The manager may prefer  to choose using money to improve work force because it is pretty easy and fast to get result. Frankly, you can let sales help you earn more money by using a commission system, or letting truck crews complete their assigned routes on time by using individual incentive. Both of these will work, but how long of these will sustain?

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