In this case, it talks about “group think.” Group think is really powerful to influence results, but can “group think” really help an organization to make good decisions and improve themselves a lot? I think yes or no. Sometimes “group think” could be right, but sometimes will be wrong. If “group think” is wrong, I think it will be harmful. In our world, we have many situation that have to deal with group think, from a team project with your classmate to a project that you have to provide to your boss with your co-worker in your team. Although I also think in group discussion people usually will disagree or have a lot of opinion on every single tiny thing, but actually I like “group think” because it help me to get more idea and stimulate my potential, and it also help a group to get a same goal to pursue.  , it

How can “group think” be really harmful? Frankly, “group think” usually decides the decision, and people have to follow this thought. If it’s a right, it will help the group a lot because they have the same idea and purpose. However, it it’s wrong, people cannot find where is wrong, or they don’t even ever wonder or doubt the decision that the group decide. Maybe some people will doubt the ”group think,” but it is hard for them to against the group decisions because people will think they are not cooperative. Besides, when all of people think it is right, you will not doubt that. It let me think about the movie, North country, that talked people have perception that males are more powerful and have higher social position than females. Because our culture taught us this perception and all of us think it like a common sense, it very hard for them to doubt what wrong is it. Nowadays, we think it ridiculous, but if you live in that day, how will you react for all gender unequal situation?

Good to great, or just good

This article mentions about statistical time series problems. Form the book of Good to Great, the author used a set of screens to sift through 1435 companies and identify a list of 11 elite firm that mean business greatness. After identifying these 11 firms, he tried to find what factors cause these companies successful.

What problems behind this research that looks like perfect?  Good to Great provides absolutely no evidence that applying the GTG principles to other firms during other time periods will lead to anything other than average business performance. The problem for GTG is he found the fact first, and the came back to find reasons that caused the fact. In statistic, you cannot go to find what the fact is first and then find what will be caused the fact.

From this case, what I learned  is to keep in mind there has a big mistake about doing test on statistic. We can get diamonds from the data mine, but we have to make sure to use the data in correct way.