Nowadays, employees are not as  a tool, or cost as before, they are a asset for a company, so the character of leaders also have change.  In this case, it talked about what should a NPD leader have to do? They have not just leaded a team that just do the same work, but have to lead the people who work as a cross-functional teamwork. Therefore, they have to make sure the information is go through every teamwork very well. In many technology company, they have to share different information between each department because it ‘s a cross-functional teamwork. like the example in the case, engineers side should understand and share the information with the manufacturing side. What a leader have to do if a company use a cross-functional teamwork? They have to built trust between all of them. If they don’t trust each other, they will not share what they know or what useful information they get. If the information not go through very well in the company, or everyone doesn’t want to share their information or knowledge, this company will “obstruct” between every department.

The leaders of  NPD should help their team member deal with interaction problem. They have to make sure there dose not have any misunderstanding go around in their team. If their have any misunderstanding or miscommunication, the leader has to help them to deal with it.  For example, when I was a member in a club in my college, there have many team in that club, and every team have different work. This club had to held a lot of activity on the campus, so if we have to accomplish each project, all of teams have to be cooperate. By then, in our team, all of our team members did not like our leader because she was impolite and always  ordered us to do everything. We complained about her, and we did not like to work with her. However, at the end of that semester, we had a meeting, and the president of our club leaded us to tell everything directly, and made a chance to have a communication between the leader and us.  Because of the communication, our leader became much batter after that meeting. Like the case said, leader is not hero, is facilitator.

Moreover, I think one of the most important character for the NPD leader is that they have to educate and motivate their team members’ potential. They are not like telling their team members what should do and how to do, they have to motivate their team members’ potential. The leader should give their team members support and autonomy because it will increase team members comment and satisfaction of the company. For example, Google  provide the best service, autonomy and freedom for their employees in Taiwan.  It’s not that common in Taiwanese industry, and Google get a good reputation on it.  But the most important is that their employees have high satisfaction for their company, and it also caused them to provide more creative and innovative idea to their company.

People and industry are changing , so the leader also have to change the way for their leadership.