In these two case, ”Gary Loveman and Harah’s entertainment” and “Diamonds in the data mine,” were mainly talking about how Harrah’s get more customer’s loyalty by using data. These two cases let me think about how could I improve my father’s company’s business and how come I don’t even try to use powerful data to make sure and support my decisions that I decided.  In MBIT test, I am the Feeling person, and I was shock for that result because if I always make decisions by feeling and experiences, I cannot convince people or even myself  to agree with my idea. Also, when I was reading these two cases, I figure out what a powerful tool of data because it convince either others or yourselves and strongly support your idea.

To look at the Harrah’s case,  the other thing I learned is how important for a leader’s attitude. For Harrah’s, I think the CEO, Satre, and the COO, Loveman, are the most important factor to bring Harrah’s to be successful.  So, what I am going to do is what kind of their the successful leadership are.

Satre, the CEO of Harrah’s Entertainment, knows about how competitive in Casino industry, so he want to enhance thier marketing and create the inmage of their brand on their customers. He takes the risk to hire Loveman, who is a professor and doen’t have strong real experience background, to be the COO. Besides, he not only offered a job with responsibility for operations but also for marketing. I think he really took a huge risk for his business because not many people did that before, and people will doubt his ability. However, what he did is to trust his own decision that hire Loveman to be the COO and totally support Loveman, and it is the best way to convince all of doubter.

Furthermore, let’s talk about Loveman. What he did in Harrah’s?

1. Change the company’s culture. He want to bring the “winning attitude” to the company, and expect his employees have confidence.

2. Strictly train his employees to be like a scientist. He is emphasize on data and result. He was interested in what you knew, not what you think.

3. To emphasize customer service. They give different rank to every single customer, and provide them diversity of service.

4. Link human resource management with customer satisfaction.

I think what Loveman has did different from other CEO is to use test and data. Data can be a strong power to do right things and make right decisions. However, dose it mean that experience is not useful to make decisions? I think both all them are useful, and it will be very good to find a balance point and implement it. To integrate data and experience, I think it can provide more powerful help for making decision.