What is the dean’s disease?

Dean’s  is when people work for a high position and become “puffed up with their own importance.” Being in the top position, the power holder become lose their original thinking and behavior.

What are the three reasons why the dean’s disease occurs?

  1. They control the resources. The power holders as deans can influence faculty because they know and control the most important resources. Because they control the resources, they can decide most of main decisions including reward power. He can influence who can get a promotion or provide salary increases, so colleges may not tell him the truth or even flatter him. Consequently, it’s dangerous for the dean because they don’t really know what is realities, and it will cause bias for dean’s ideas and decision.
  2. Strategic praise. Since the dean control the resources and hold the power, he will become the target of flattery. People want to have good relationship with dean by having intension,  so they will become “yes men” or even alway complimented to the dean. Therefore, the dean think they are really that good as what they said. They believe they can be really intelligent and do everything good, but actually they are not.
  3. The taste for power. It’s really hard to keep morality with the power because the taste for power is really good. I think everyone can understand it because there have too many examples in our government. They become misuse their power when they get too many benefit from it.

I think most of people can not avoid to temptation when they get the highest position and wield most power in an organization, so how do we prevent the dean’s disease?  I think it is what a leader have to learn because they will face these problems. The case shows two way to prevent the dean’s disease. One is to check out dean applicants, the other is to look at their past record. I think to look at their past record is a greater way to prevent the dean’s disease. When we look back  on what we thought originally, we will find what  difference is it and remind us do we overestimate ourselves.