Why the line foreman tend to have  high turnover rate at the Lima Tire Plant??

In this case,we can find the line foremen leave the job frequently, but actually they get pretty good pay. Following are the reasons for high turnover rate in the Lima Tire Plant:

  1. Pressure. In this job, line foreman, they didn’t get training before they work on main agenda, and it caused line foreman to become more stress on their job. Besides, when they couldn’t meet forecasts, that will be a punishment for them.
  2. No real authority. They didn’t have power to control the workers, but they have to took most of  responsibility.
  3. Their superior didn’t support.
  4. Hard to get a promotion. Since they know they don’t have many possibility to get a promotion, they lose their purpose. Most people’s purpose are to get a promotion and a higher pay, and that also tell them what they have to do and why they do.
  5. No loyalty. Because of no loyalty, employees will not have strong willing to stay in company.

So, how could we improve a company’s high turnover rate? In my opinion, there have some ways probably will work.

  • Give employees a vision. They have to know a direction, and they can follow this direction to get what they want.
  • Give employees missions. They have to know who, how, when, and what should they do, so you have to provide them the missions clearly.
  • Give employees a purpose. Purpose can motivate people’s behavior, so if you give your employee a clear purpose, they can be motivated very well.
  • Give employees good pay. Salary can be a factor to motivate your employees.
  • Give employees benefit. That will show the company that are really care about their employees, and it also can increase employees’ loyalty.
  • Build an appropriate organizational culture. “People” will be a very important factor to influence turnover rate, so if the atmosphere in organization is appropriate to employees, then their will have more chance to keep them staying in the company.

I think many company have problems with high turnover rate, and this problem will influence the whole organization.Therefore, to examine why the company have high turnover, and to improve in an appropriate way.